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Command documentation.
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:34:08 am »
Parms in <> are required while parms in [] are optional.

View who is currently in a pug:

See active pugs:

Join the pug:
.join [gametype] [map]

Vote in pug:
.vote [gametype] [map]

On a BNC and need a token? Missing a token? Use this command:

PUG really sucks and everyone wants to end it:

Login to bot, be careful to never do this in a channel! I recommend doing it in the server tab:
/msg GT-PUGBot .login <username> <password>

Leave the player list for next pug:

See a list of available maps:

See a list of gametypes:

Missing game info, use this command to resend info:

Check out the last pug:
.last [pug number]

Check out mapstats:

Check out active servers, use one of the following options:
.sv [all | list | na | pug | ts | tdm | ctf | server ID]

Check for players online:
.players [player name | server ID | list]


To end a pug:
.end <pug number>

Force start a pug that hasn't filled up:
.forcestart <number of players to fill to>

Kick a user from irc:
.kick <irc nick>

Ban a user from irc:
.banirc <irc nick>

Ban a user from pug:
.banpug <irc nick>

Ban a user from game servers:
.bangame <irc nick>

Ban a user from everything:
.banall <irc nick>

Unban a user from pugbot (user must be using same nick as when they were banned and be on same ip and must be unbanned on network was banned on):
.unban <irc nick>

Mute a player in a game server:
.mute <mute/unmute> < <name> or <sv_id> <slot> >
FOR USE ONLY IN #pugbot-priv:

Check for in game aliases, historic database included:
.name <name>

Check for ip in game:
.ip <ip>

Check for GUID in game:
.guid <all or part of GUID>

Should MESSAGE the bot this command in server tab:

/msg GT-PUGBot .server add <server address>:<port> <rcon>
/msg GT-PUGBot .server update <server address>:<port> <old rcon> <new rcon>
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Command documentation
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2019, 04:43:42 am »
The command line options will be documented in the help file once it is updated. There are quite a few options, and they could not be adequately explained on a small console window.

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