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Resolved / 7990 was fun
« on: November 19, 2011, 12:12:20 am »
I joined ringer for pug #7990.

I received connection info almost instantly.

I connected about ten seconds later.

There were already five players on each team, so I did /sub.

I started demoing within 30 seconds of entering.

I didn't leave until after scoreboard appeared.

I like chocolate milkshakes.

Please unban me?

Resolved / If it so pleases the Gods of PUGBot...
« on: November 10, 2011, 03:53:56 am »
and good chances are that it does not.  I'd like to be unbanned.


1.I absolutely deserved this ban for:
   A.Fucking up a pug
   B.Having Windows installed on my personal computer
   C.Lacking a sufficient mentality to disable automatic Windows updates
2.Sometime during the course of pug #7719, my personal computer, running Windows 7 Home Premium, automatically updated Windows.
3.I was pissed off at myself, mainly for screwing up a pug for others, as well as for being too damn stupid to turn that shit off.
4.I deserve to be banned.
5.TheRick and Slackin are the best.
6.I would like to be unbanned.
7.I'm sorry that I made this such a large appeal, but I wrote it anyway, so I'm probably not as sorry as I will be when TheRick gets ahold of me.
8.I was in IRC as BallsOfAMonster, in game as SACC-Balls
9.I immediately returned to the pug when my computer finished being a douchebag and restarted.  I did restart my demoing, however it was a few minutes after I had joined.

PUGBOT Official Discussion / Kicked for being on time?
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:47:44 pm »
<@GT-06> Players in PUG #5162: |none| JssssB g000r fatKID oK|420_ BallsOfAMonster [nBuLi] radaaa` xmal nem

I joined this pug on time.  In fact I was definitely one of the first people there.  Server logs will show it.  Two people were apparently late.  Not my fault.  However,

[21:30] <@GT-04> 2 RINGERS NEEDED FOR PUG# 5162. Map: kingpin. Gametype: ts. TYPE .join ringer NOW!!!
[21:31] <@fonducci___> .join ringer

My demo will show that I joined the game after being in spec, and then an admin kicked me.  I wasn't the ringer.  I showed up on time.  I shouldn't be the one kicked.

If I were to show up to a pug on time, and two people did not, one of the ringers was an admin, should he kick you or the other ringer?   Or are we punishing those who actually show up to pugs now?

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